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Character Creation - Gaining and Losing Assets and Complications

Character Creation


In order to create an atmosphere where the characters feel they have nothing but each other to rely upon for survival, the following Assets and Complications are not allowed during character creation. Yes, I realize this will screw most if not all characters.

I'm okay with that.

Please also keep in mind that Assets and Complications do not give characters license to consistently act like a jackass.



The following Assets and Complications are technically allowed and available to characters, but they come with some very large caveats. Players are advised to think twice before integrating these traits into their characters.

Registered Companion
There may be room for a registered Companion in this game. However, in addition to a fairly strict set of required skills for any Companion character (Knowledge, Influence, Perform, etc.), the player will need to show that they are capable of portraying a Registered Companion beyond just rolling the dice.

Good Luck Charm
In order for you to have this complication, the chosen Good Luck Charm must be something that could conceivably be lost at regular intervals or be an object that cannot be carried in most situations. It cannot be a small object your character is assumed to have with them at all times. If you take this complication, many situations will arise in which you will lose your Good Luck Charm. This will happen at every opportunity.

The idea for the game is founded upon the crew being generally loyal to each other. To have this as a Complication, you must select another Player Character as the target of your loyalty. That character should be able to count on you to support their decisions no matter what. Your character will suffer massive penalties any time they wish to go against the person they are loyal to.

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Gaining and Losing Assets and Complications

It is possible to buy off Complications through gameplay, with efforts to overcome issues played in game, an accumulation of plot points, and GM approval - and this only applies to things one could conceivably rectify. No amount of pretty stories and experience points will restore a missing leg. However, this is not the only means by which you can gain or lose Traits.

Portrayal Justified

At any time the GM feels that your character has been behaving in a way that merits it, you may be required to gain a Trait reflecting your character's behavior.

Required Portrayal

The following Assets must be reflected with the character's behavior in game at least the majority of the time, or the GM will strike them from the character any time he sees fit. This means you have to stick to the description of these behaviors and act consistently whether around the crew or NPCs, it makes no difference. Any of these are treated as an intrinsic personality trait of your character and if you do not maintain it, you will lose the associated bonuses. If removing a complication, the GM may impose additional penalties to balance out your character's karma.

This should not be treated as an exhaustive list of at-risk assets and complications through your character's actions in game, but these cover the most frequently abused.

Sweet and Cheerful
You have to be nice and likable.

Good Name
You must act consistently with the good of those who highly regard you, and if you double-cross or otherwise antagonize them, you will lose access to this group's goodwill and resources. This includes taking their goodwill for granted and/or abusing it.

You must behave in a manner that is consistent with your religious beliefs at least most of the time, and portray guilt, penance, for any deviations or sins.

You must stick to your credo, spend a lot of effort to avoid breaking it, and if you do have to work against it, you must portray internal struggle at coming to terms with that and avoid breaking it again.

In your eyes, the person you are loyal to has the last word in any disagreement. And when all is said and done you will support their decisions no matter what.

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