A collection of prospective roleplaying settings for future G.O.D. Productions Tabletop Roleplaying Games. The settings range from developed roleplaying settings, adapted settings (from television shows, movies and books) and original game settings.

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Vigil: Heroes at the Push of a Button!

Future Game

Vigil: Heroes at the Push of a Button!

Do you have a problem and nobody to turn to? Do you dream of heroically coming to the rescue? Whether you're a budding hero or someone looking for a savior, Vigil is only a tap away! Download the app onto your phone or mobile device today and join our huge community of people who want their lives to be more super.

Dragon Age: 2901

Future Game

Life in Thedas is violent and full of brutality for all except the most wealthy and affluent. Two thousand years have wiped clean the memories of mankind. The horrors of the Blights have faded into legend and myth. With no apocalyptic threat to keep them in check, humanity grew and spread across the face of the world, determined to remove all trace of the fantastical that tormented them for so long.

Two thousand years have come and gone since the last blight. White fire burns atop Cathedral Tower as a new Divine is proclaimed, taking the name Faustine IV. Appearing publicly just once on the tower balcony during her proclamation, she declares the beginning of a new Age. And as she takes her name in homage to a Divine of the honored past, so too will this new age.

The year is 2901, and a new Dragon Age is dawning.

Dragon Age: The Occupation of Refuge

Future Game

Life in Thedas is violent and full of brutality for all except the most wealthy and affluent. For the poor and downtrodden, for those labeled criminal by virtue of birth, and for escaped slaves, there is little chance of escaping oppression. So when a group of city elves and humans living on the scraps of civilization were offered the choice to leave by a man offering decent wage and treatment, it was the chance of a lifetime. To work hard and live decently. To live free.

And in that place Refuge was founded by the toils of all who came. The town hall was their home for the first winter, preceded only by the lumber mill and a few barns. The next year houses began to be built, going first to the tradesmen to create their wares. But during the planting season that next year, a glint of steel could be seen coming from the west. When a full unit of the Orlesian army arrived, led by the Chevalier Ser Alain de Chevin, they realized that their dreams of freedom had been only that — a dream.

Witcher: Signs and Portents


The Conjunction of Spheres. At least one scholar has likened it to ships passing at sea, suddenly caught in a violent storm to find their cargo, and sometimes crew, tossed onto the deck of another ship. Thus did the race of man find itself tossed into a world with the likes of dwarves and elves, creatures of the oldest magic, and monsters from deepest nightmare.

The forest is dark and full of terrors. When those terrors become all too real, you need a Witcher.

Created through rituals arcane and unknown and mutated to possess abilities beyond those of mortal man, witchers walk the long roads between towns. If you have a problem, be it mystical or mundane, a witcher can solve it for you... for a price.

Middle Earth: Where the Shadows Lie

Future Game

Sauron the Deceiver, Enemy of the Peoples of Middle-Earth, has been defeated. His shadow is gone from the world of men. His fortress of Barad-dûr, the Black Gate, and the Towers of the Teeth all lie in ruins. The elves have all but passed from Middle-Earth, and the Age of Men is at hand. King Elessar reigns over the Reunited Kingdom, and there is peace throughout the land.

The War of the Ring is over. Now, the work begins.

King Elessar has issued a proclamation to all the Men of the West: Go forth, and reclaim the lands of your forefathers. Go forth, into the land of the shadow, and bring light so that no darkness may ever take root again. The land you work shall be yours and pass to your children after you, and thus will our kingdom rise again.

Mass Effect: Resistance

Future Game

And so came our salvation. The weapon we thought was meant to destroy the Reapers simply isolated them, cut them off from their fellows. Instead of a galaxy-wide horde with a single-minded purpose, now each Reaper is alone, stranded, formidable but not insurmountable.

It was only later we learned the terrible price of deliverance. Those few ships that remained ventured out to spread the good news, only to find the mass effect relays dark and lifeless. Without those relays, all travel throughout the galaxy has ceased except for small pockets of nearby worlds. We're cut off from the rest of the galaxy, but we're standing together.

We are the Resistance.

Middle Earth: Where the Shadows Lie

Future Game

Star's End is summed up in three words: Proof of concept. The proof that Earth's first extrasolar colony can be self-sustaining based on the technology, services, and raw materials the SGC was founded to discover. Set up in the blackout zone of Earth's Stargate in the Milky Way, and positioned on a moon devoid of naquadah, the base is designed to be far out of the way of any Goa'uld interests. Miners, engineers, scientists, military personnel and support staff work side-by-side in this environment as everyone does their best to ignore the fact they are so very far away from home.

Created and funded by the wealthy yet enigmatic Xavier Sloane, this small colony contracts SGC personnel and equipment from Earth in exchange for the valuable raw materials and technology found throughout the galaxy. Though designed to be self-sufficient, plans for the steady growth of the colony depend entirely on the handful of exploration teams, hand-picked by Sloane from the best the U.S. military has to offer.