Changeling: Dying of the Light

Future Game

The year is 2020, and the Kithain are starving to death.

Capitalism has killed all art, having fed it into the profit machine. The rise of fascism has ground self-expression underneath its jackbooted heel. The invention of the "echo chamber" has weaponized banality, spreading through socialized media like a disease. Glamour is scarce the world over as a result, hoarded by those with the means while changelings of every kith fight and die grasping for just a taste. Fears of novel coronavirus sweeping the globe like a second Black Death spread like wildfire, and nobody knows if the Kithain will survive another expulsion from paradise.

You, the awakened soul, cling to life one sip at a time, like licking dew from a window to stave off your terrible thirst. It's no surprise to you when the day finally arrives. Another kithain, one you've known for years but can't name as a friend as you vie over the same scarce resources, sits across from you and tells you with his last Awakened breath, before the press of banality smothers the last embers of his soul, that the most powerful Dreamer in the city has just tried to take her own life out of despair.

Nobody else in coffee shop sees his faerie soul, ancient and immortal, leave his body. To everyone else, you're just two people having a quiet chat. Looking into his eyes, now devoid of anything you would deem life, you see the hollow husk of your own future staring back at you. Now, you are faced with a choice. You can surrender, accept the inevitable, and begin slipping slowly toward death.

Or you can rage.

Rage, against the Dying of the Light.

The County of Summer Thunder was never a notable place within the Kingdom, generally considered an unimportant backwater. To the Kithain who chose to dwell there, it was as an oasis in the desert. Centered around the town of Klamath Falls and its freehold, the Spotted Owl Inn, it was a haven for those who wanted to live away from the petty squabbles of others as well as those who were drawn to the nascent environmental movements.

For the last four decades, the County belonged to Count Girard, famed for his impartiality. He upheld the Escheat to the very letter within his demesne, and was especially adamant about enforcing the Right to Dream. Never loved, he was nonetheless respected by all and ruled well in peace.

At the turn of the millennium, the County was thrown into chaos as the infamous Main Street Bucket Brigade and subsequent environmental collapse leached much of the glamour from the area. Count Girard's power waned as the balefire dimmed from a roaring hearthfire to a few glowing embers. Banality began to set in, and there were more than a few whispers that the count should step down and new leadership chosen.

It all came to a head when Sharon Bennett and her motley challenged Count Girard within the freehold itself. What actually happened inside is disputed, but after the smoke cleared, Count Girard was nowhere to be seen and Bennett had reft the freehold, taking every last drop of glamour for herself. She now styles herself Countess Eunessa, doling out glamour to her private gang and those who worth to curry her favor. Everyone else lives like refugees, finding sips of glamour where they can as banality presses in from all sides.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Modern Fantasy
  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2020
  • Setting Location:
    Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA
  • Game Period:

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