Dragon Age: 2901

Future Game

Life in Thedas is violent and full of brutality for all except the most wealthy and affluent. Two thousand years have wiped clean the memories of mankind. The horrors of the Blights have faded into legend and myth. With no apocalyptic threat to keep them in check, humanity grew and spread across the face of the world, determined to remove all trace of the fantastical that tormented them for so long.

Magic is gone, ground into nothingness by the prejudice of the church and made irrelevant by the march of technology. The last true mage of the Imperium met his end at the muzzle of a Qunari rifle as the Antaam invaded and conquered the northern half of the continent. The talent sometimes reappears in random bloodlines and while still technically outlawed, often goes unnoticed next to the wonders of technology.

As the Qunari conquered out the Imperium from without, the Chantry and its Templars conquered Orlais from within. Their goals not being exclusive, the two powers negotiated a fragile peace. The Second Nevarran Accord between the Qunari Empire and the Divine Empire grants the Qunari dominion over everything to the north of that city, and everything south to the Divine. Though the two empires have been locked in a state of cold war since, that peace still nominally holds.

The Divine Empire now stretches across southern Thedas, packed into their massive concrete cities which ring the Waking Sea. The Divine rules the empire from her seat atop Cathedral Tower in King City, guiding the army of cybernetically-augmented Templars charged with keeping the peace.

The Qunari Empire is the center of culture and entertainment for all of Thedas. Antaam, once the Qunari military, is now the largest entertainment corporation in the world, fighting the culture war by displaying the delights of Qunari culture to every corner of Thedas. The pleasure cities along the coast of the Nocen Sea, built atop the ruins of the Tevinter Imperium, promise the delights of every imaginable vice. The Empire's laboratories flood the world with drugs of infinite variety. Qunari-manufactured weaponry graces the corner of every street in Thedas.

Dwarves, once on the brink of extinction, flourish in the upper classes of society as the driving force behind the most powerful corporations. Once confined to their caves and thaigs, they now walk freely through the great cities they built for the humans, sheltered from the sky beneath the massive slabs of concrete. It is said a dwarf can travel completely around the world without ever being exposed to the sky. The truly rich among them live in penthouse apartments celinged with meter-thick slabs of glass, announcing their luxury to others of their kind while maintaining their connection to the Stone.

Always resistant to change and clinging to the past, the elves have slowly but gradually declined. The alienage ghettos, once walled neighborhoods, are now skyscraping tenement buildings in the roughest areas of the city. Each alienage houses tens of thousands of elves in the space of a city block. They tend to be hollow squares with a common area in the center-text housing some important monument. In the past, this used to be a tree, but with nowhere for the roots to grow and the scarcity of wood growing, these are becoming rare indeed. Rumors of "ghost elves" abound, tattooed homeless freaks who travel the rooftops, running everything from guns and drugs to information for anyone with the money to pay.

Everywhere else, the masses of humanity fill what little space remains, as varied in shapes and sizes as the long-gone creatures featured in the ancient myths. Every color and race blended together into a single strain, then augmented on top of that by any number of technological upgrades.

And even though the churches of two empires have worked for millennia to stamp out the flame of magic, adepts still appear amongst the races. Those who survive long enough to master the talent while staying ahead of the law may eventually find their way past the Veil and enter the Fade. Opportunities abound for the Fadewalkers; the megacorporations of Thedas (save only those held entirely by the dwarves) are all too aware of the risks of espionage conducted through their dreams.

Two thousand years have come and gone since the last blight. White fire burns atop Cathedral Tower as a new Divine is proclaimed, taking the name Faustine IV. Appearing publicly just once on the tower balcony during her proclamation, she declares the beginning of a new Age. And as she takes her name in homage to a Divine of the honored past, so too will this new age.

The year is 2901, and a new Dragon Age is dawning.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Fantasy Cyberpunk
  • Game System: TBD
  • Setting Period: 1 Dragon Age
  • Setting Location: TBD
  • Game Period: 2901

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