Middle Earth: Where the Shadows Lie

Future Game

Everything changed when the bombs fell, but it's not like we didn't know they were coming.

Things were looking pretty good for the old U. S. of A. back in the day. Nuclear power revolutionized nearly every aspect of human life. Computers that fit into a single room. Cars that run forever with nuclear batteries under the hood. Robots to walk the dog, trim the hedges, and take care of the washing up. Even our cola got nuked!

But as the resources dried up, there was less and less to go around until the only way to get what we needed was to fight for it. The Great War raged for two decades, then ended entirely in two hours in a rain of nuclear fire that wiped clean the face of the earth.

Some people have survived, whether through sheer luck or by taking shelter in one of the many underground Vaults. Those few remaining emerged from their places of refuge to find great wastelands filled with twisted, mutated creatures and little else.

Even so, the human spirit remained. People took what little their was and began to build anew. Tribals gather in their camps, building new societies from scraps. Feral raiders wander the wastes, preying upon anyone they come across. In the old southwest, a New California Republic emerged, intent on bringing back the values of the old world and restoring the rule of law. Opposite them is Caesar’s Legion, brutal imperials intent on conquest. The world is reshaping itself as these behemoths clash, the calls to war echoing across the wasteland. War ended the old world, and now threatens the new.

Because war, war never changes.

The NCR secured the Hoover Dam and pushed east into the territory of Caesar’s Legion, their control now stretches from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Grand Canyon. And still, they look further. Their scouts search in all directions, but many are drawn eastward by rumors of a great river that once flowed through the Great Desolation, land even more barren than the wastes, completely impassable.

The rumors say something else hides behind the mountains of the Devil's Wishbone, something more valuable than water. The kind of wealth that drives men crazy. But like El Dorado, or the fountain of youth, the treasure of the Devil's Wishbone has eluded all those who sought it, hidden safe behind the impenetrable wall of mountain ranges that nobody has ever crossed and lived to tell the story.

Which is why it's so perplexing, staring up at the sun setting over the Twin Mothers which used to mark the boundary of the eastern horizon. And as the shadows stretch over the wasted ground, you realize you've fallen off the edge of the map.

And here be dragons.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Post Apocalypse
  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2283
  • Setting Location:
    East of the Twin Mothers
  • Game Period:

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