Stargate: Star's End

Future Game

The US Military recovered a device from the Giza Plateau in 1928 and spent decades studying it. Their efforts were largely fruitless until the involvement of Dr. Daniel Jackson's translation of the cover stone, which allowed them to turn it on in 1994. The team that went through found the descendents of humans abducted from Earth and worshiping ancient Egyptian gods who walk among them. In fact, those so-called gods are parasitic beings inhabiting human hosts and exploiting human religions to impersonate gods using advanced technology. Ancient humans were spirited away to wherever these beings wished — using them as servants or slaves.

Upon their return the team reported that the mirroring Stargate on the other world was destroyed and no further connection could be made with that world. After that, the seemingly useless Stargate was left buried at the bottom of a missile silo in Cheyenne Mountain until 1997 when it suddenly activated. A group of what could only be aliens came through the device and abducted military personnel, returning back through despite the rain of weapons fire. It was then discovered that the combinations on the dialing device (present on off-world Stargates but not on Earth) were not a combination lock, but rather locational references — and there are possibly millions of Stargates in the universe.

After that discovery, the SGC (StarGate Command) military base was established underneath Cheyenne Mountain under the direction of the United States Air Force to further the human exploration of the universe.

Star's End is summed up in three words: Proof of concept. The proof that Earth's first extrasolar colony can be self-sustaining based on the technology, services, and raw materials the SGC was founded to discover. Set up in the blackout zone of Earth's Stargate in the Milky Way, and positioned on a moon devoid of naquadah, the base is designed to be far out of the way of any Goa'uld interests. Miners, engineers, scientists, military personnel and support staff work side-by-side in this environment as everyone does their best to ignore the fact they are so very far away from home.

Created and funded by the wealthy yet enigmatic Xavier Sloane, this small colony contracts SGC personnel and equipment from Earth in exchange for the valuable raw materials and technology found throughout the galaxy. Though designed to be self-sufficient, plans for the steady growth of the colony depend entirely on the handful of exploration teams, hand-picked by Sloane from the best the U.S. military has to offer.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Modern Sci-Fi
  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2000
  • Setting Location: Star's End
  • Game Period:

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