Middle Earth: Where the Shadows Lie

Future Game

It is true that mankind's reach often exceeds their grasp, but it is also true that as soon as they can grasp, they never let go. Such is the case with humanity's presence among the stars.

After the Aberrant War ended with the banishment of every super-powered monster from the Earth, our sights turned once again outward with the aim of settling outside the Sol System. China was the first to launch a serious mission; the Chinese ark piggybacked on the Lito Comet for a four light-year journey to Alpha Centauri. It was generally considered to be a suicidal undertaking, but twelve years later those colonists landed on a lifeless rock and proceeded to turn it into the first extrasolar colony in history: Khantze Lu Ge

Fusion generators cracked the ice caps for breathable air and hydroponics kept everyone fed for almost two decades before the Psi Orders revealed themselves back on Earth. Suddenly, psion teleporters brought huge numbers of new immigrants to the colony, all the technological advancements Earth had to offer, and the terrifying news that the aberrants had returned. When those same teleporters vanished eight years later, the new arrivals had to learn the native LuGeians stubborn self-reliance in order to survive as the colony was cut off from Earth once again.

During the blackout, Earth had hoped that Khantze Lu Ge would fare the best of the extrasolar colonies, being the longest-lived and most stable. They didn't account for the arrival of a powerful aberrant who quickly conquered one of the northern cities and turned the region into a nightmarish and brutal dictatorship.

War has come to mankind's first great foothold in space as the colonists battle for survival against aberrant monsters and their legion of mutated human slaves. Aeon's newly-completed jumpships provide a vital lifeline of food, weapons, and other supplies to the colony, but it is the people of Khantze Lu Ge who will fight and die to defend their home, their Castle in the Sky.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Sci-Fi Future
  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2119
  • Setting Location:
    Khantze Lu Ge, Alpha Centauri
  • Game Period:

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