Vigil: Heroes at the Push of a Button!

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Vigil: Heroes at the Push of a Button!

Do you have a problem and nobody to turn to? Do you dream of heroically coming to the rescue? Whether you're a budding hero or someone looking for a savior, Vigil is only a tap away! Download the app onto your phone or mobile device today and join our huge community of people who want their lives to be more super.

How It Works

  1. Call for Help
    Tap the app to view a list of heroes in your area. Choose your savior and tap the call button. The app will get your location and your hero will come right to you.
  2. Seek Shelter
    Try to get yourself in as safe a situation as you can to await rescue. Your hero will loudly proclaim themselves when they arrive and if not readily apparent you can explain your distress.
  3. Wait Until It's Safe
    While your hero is on the scene, remain safely in shelter. Your hero will let you know when it is safe to emerge from hiding. Once your hero is done saving the day, tap on the "I'm Saved!" button. We'll bill the credit card attached to your account. Don't forget to rate your hero when you're done!

Don't have time for all that? Is your peril both imminent and extreme? Just hit the "Rescue Me!" button to alert nearby heroes of your need. The hero who can get to you and solve the problem the fastest gets the reward!

Become a Hero

Signing up is easy! Once you sign up, you'll be ready to save the day within minutes.

Register Your Identity
First you need to decide how you'll appear to citizens in need. Try to choose a name that captures your unique abilities so the people who need your particular skills will be able to find you. Don't worry about revealing your secret identity; Vigil's state-of-the-art encryption keeps all your information strictly confidential.

Set Your Schedule
In today's brave new world, there's no need to be on patrol 24/7. You really can have a normal life while moonlighting hero work. The app can schedule you for regular patrol hours, or you can allow access to your phone's GPS to make you available whenever you're in a certain area.

Keep The Lights On
Today's heroes don't have to choose between helping others and paying their rent. The more you assist others in need, the more you make. Every week, your rewards are automatically deposited in an account of your choosing.

Becoming a Hero is Easy
You can sign up with Vigil in less than five minutes. Just tell us what kind of hero you want to be, and we'll let people in need of your talents know where you are. Don't wait! Thousands of desperate people are crying out for you to help them!

One day, the world was normal. The next day, it was a world with superpowers. The Lottery only struck one out of every few thousand people. Maybe one person in ten million become comic book heroes. Cities vie to sign on the best hero to be their licensed protector. Militaries do whatever they can to recruit the most powerful, either to fight on the front line or to spend time under the knife in black site research labs. It's all very exciting and dramatic, and makes for some bitchin' television.

But not everyone whose ticket came up other than "Try again next time" won big. For the rest of the dollar ticket holders who came out slightly ahead, they got just enough to make things interesting but not enough to make a living off it. Sometimes a person will get just the right combination of abilities to make going into business for themselves worthwhile. Sometimes a few people band together into a league and advertise the same service.

The rest of us just get swallowed up in the gig economy. Uber, AirBnB, and now Vigil. It's ridesharing for vigilantes, with all the legal complications of both. That doesn't stop hundreds of people from signing up to do glorified scutwork. For some, it's the adrenaline rush from being a hero. For others, it's a way to pay the bills.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Modern Superhero
  • Game System: G.O.D. Cinematic
  • Setting Period: Modern
  • Setting Location: TBD
  • Game Period:

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