An archive of the past games run by G.O.D. Productions in Spokane Valley. Each game page has more information about the game, resources for the game setting and system, summary of the full storyline, information on the player characters, and materials created for the game by both the players and the GM.

Trinity: What Becomes of the Sinner

Past Game

The heroes of the 21st century became its greatest villains. Aberrants walked among the people like gods until they turned on the rest of us and brought the human race to the brink of destruction. In the end, we were forced to issue the Ultimatum: either they left or the destruction would be mutual. So they left, but not before warning all of humanity "Your legacy is our future."

In the aftermath of the Aberrant War, a new world rose from the ashes. Technology advanced by leaps and bounds as the world struggled to pull itself back together. With Earth in ruins, humanity looked to the rest of the Solar System to provide the resources it needed. China moved its economy onto a platinum standard, forming the foundation of a new world economy. Everything started to settle out again.

Then, as promised, the Aberrants returned.

There is hope, though. New heroes are rising, gifted with extraordinary abilities of their own. These psions rise to defend humanity from the prodigal demons. And watching over it all is the Aeon Trinity, a centuries-old organization dedicated to bringing humankind together under one simple credo:

Hope. Sacrifice. Unity.

Mass Effect: Palaven

Past Game

And so came our salvation. The weapon we thought was meant to destroy the Reapers simply isolated them, cut them off from their fellows. Instead of a galaxy-wide horde with a single-minded purpose, now each Reaper is alone, stranded, formidable but not insurmountable.

It was only later we learned the terrible price of deliverance. Those few ships that remained ventured out to spread the good news, only to find the mass effect relays dark and lifeless. Without those relays, all travel throughout the galaxy has ceased except for small pockets of nearby worlds. We're cut off from the rest of the galaxy, but we're standing together.

We are the Resistance.

Warhammer: Faerie Tale

Past Game

2-3 paragraph blurb about this particular game



Temeraire: The New World

Past Game

2-3 paragraph blurb about this particular game



Serenity: Ballad of Minerva

Past Game

Captain Fenix Bohannon is left in an unenviable position of picking up the pieces when the crew's previous Captain took off into the black leaving the crew marooned on Ezra.



Warhammer: Font of Life

Past Game

Magister Chaldea Zachael finds herself far from her home in Altdorf traveling the remote province of Ostland where she becomes entangled in cult activities resulting in a chase across the whole of the Empire and beyond on a hunt to find and destroy a powerful Noble Chaos Cult Leader – Jason Liebscher – and the long thought destroyed power he has called to his aid.

Warhammer Fantasy: The Font of Life was a weekly campaign that ran from January 2010 to December 2012, spanning three years of play and three separate groups of players.

Warhammer: Bloody Nuptials One-Shot

Past Game

Life in the small town of Obelheim is simple and quiet. Tucked away in the forests of Talabecland along the Old Forest Road, news of the wider world filters in slowly, brought by the occasional trader on their way north to the coast. The mood in Obelheim is brighter even than usual for most residents. Emily the mayor's daughter, is marrying Shane the blacksmith's son the next day. As the parties drew to a close, men and women alike stumbled back to their beds, dreaming of the even grander festivities to come.

It was not to be.

The whole town is roused by an ear-piercing scream. Everyone leaps from their beds to find Deborah, the mayor's wife and mother of the bride-to-be, standing in the doorway of the butcher's house, screaming and tearing at her face. A rivulet of blood creeps slowly across the threshold, perhaps not so out of place for a butcher's shop except for the headless torso of a young woman just inside.

The wedding is off, and the search for a murderer begins.