Trinity: What Becomes of the Sinner

Past Game

The heroes of the 21st century became its greatest villains. Aberrants walked among the people like gods until they turned on the rest of us and brought the human race to the brink of destruction. In the end, we were forced to issue the Ultimatum: either they left or the destruction would be mutual. So they left, but not before warning all of humanity "Your legacy is our future."

In the aftermath of the Aberrant War, a new world rose from the ashes. Technology advanced by leaps and bounds as the world struggled to pull itself back together. With Earth in ruins, humanity looked to the rest of the Solar System to provide the resources it needed. China moved its economy onto a platinum standard, forming the foundation of a new world economy. Everything started to settle out again.

Then, as promised, the Aberrants returned.

There is hope, though. New heroes are rising, gifted with extraordinary abilities of their own. These psions rise to defend humanity from the prodigal demons. And watching over it all is the Aeon Trinity, a centuries-old organization dedicated to bringing humankind together under one simple credo:

Hope. Sacrifice. Unity.

Psions, the new heroes of humanity, are individuals gifted with extraordinary powers. Initiated through one of the psionic Orders, a human being is triggered to access psionic abilities particular to their order. One is not always closely tied to the order from which one originates; through Trinity and other organizations, Psions work for a variety of people, corporations and governments assisting in a myriad of service, research, and other skilled ways. Additionally, the Orders participate in horse-trading programs among themselves so that each of them have some representation of other abilities within their ranks. Each Order is set up with wildly differing ideologies and structures.

When the psions first revealed themselves to humanity, there were eight psionic Orders; that number has since been reduced to six. The surviving Orders each maintain control over a particular psionic aptitude and are headquartered in a different region.

The Story Thus Far...

Game Information

  • Genre: Sci-Fi Future
  • Game System: G.O.D. Dice
  • Setting Period: 2119
  • Setting Location: Known Space
  • Game Period: June 2016-July 2017


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