Are you soured on RPGs for never giving you the options you want to take?

Does the endless grind of playing an MMORPG make you long for an actual story?

Is the D&D-style dungeon crawling loot grab just not your style?

Are you uninterested in games that consist solely of a GM lining up things to kill?

19.04.25 Recruitment Open!

Well, the people have spoken and the votes are all tallied. The very first G.O.D. campaign in Bellingham will be...


Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. I thought this one might be a bit esoteric, but it's what we're going with. Head over to the Now Playing! page for more details on that. I'm shooting for a minimum group size of six players, but I'll have to see what the interest is like before setting anything in stone.

In addition, given the change of venue, I'll be going back and re-visiting the list of House Rules. They've been called by various people things like "mean", "draconian", and "dude, chill out already." All of the rules came from incidents of people in the Spokane community being awful during games, but that doesn't apply anymore. Besides that, I've come to the conclusion that people who wouldn't be affected by the rules don't need to be told and people who would run afoul of the rules don't care.

So with that said, recruitment is open! Head over to the Now Playing! page if you'd like to learn more about how to get in on any of this.

Game on!

Jacob Matthew