Are you soured on RPGs for never giving you the options you want to take?

Does the endless grind of playing an MMORPG make you long for an actual story?

Is the D&D-style dungeon crawling loot grab just not your style?

Are you uninterested in games that consist solely of a GM lining up things to kill?

Hello, my name is Jacob and I used to run roleplaying games in Spokane Valley.

After my Æon Trinity game ended in August 2017, I had to decide how to continue as a GM in this community.

For eight years, I ran a game session every single week. When a game would collapse or end, I would write a new campaign, drum up a new group of players, and keep going.

During that entire time, I never found a single game that I could play in. Each time I had to put a new group together, I had to scour the community for players and drag people in, bending myself double to accommodate their needs so they could show up. When they did show up, players never seemed to care about the game, each other, or me as the GM.

Now, I understand that gamers tend to be on the poor starving artist end of the spectrum, but even beyond that gamers in Spokane always put gaming as the lowest priority. "Real LifeTM Comes First" is a phrase that gets tossed about all too often around here, as if this hobby – this community – was some childish thing that should always be set aside. As if wanting to spend time on it was something to be mocked, even by others in that same community.

Roleplaying is a team activity, though, and when players use Real LifeTM as an excuse to flake out, they're letting down the entire team. Just like any other "real" responsibility, people must learn to honor their commitments rather than treating the game, the other players, and the community as completely disposable.

GMs get the worst of it. Even as so many players are looking for someone to run a game for them, GMs get taken completely for granted. Players have gotten so used to Pathfinder and its drop in/drop out style of gaming that they just expect someone to be there with no regard for the amount of talent and hard work required to run a game. Community meetup websites have gone completely silent with hundreds of members waiting around for someone else to entertain them. Local conventions whine and plead for people to run their gaming tables, then require anyone who volunteers to buy tickets and pay for the privilege of showing up to entertain their guests.

So I've decided to hang up my GM screen. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of games that I want to run and stories I want to tell, but until the community changes for the better I can't justify putting in the time and effort when I know I'll be the only one bothering to do so.

I'll continue updating this site, using it as an information base for all the games I've run as well as adding in all the new ideas for games I'd like to run as I think of them. Other gaming-related projects will get their own sections as they go live as well. There will even be information on what I'd need to start running regular games again at some point, just in case someone gets tired of chasing games that either never start or fold after two sessions.

This isn't a drop mic, walk off stage. I'm still here, and I've built my bridge more than halfway. The rest is up to you.

Jacob Matthew